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Object Linking

Object Linking

Object linking works with Task Manager and Knowledge Manager in the same way, with Tasks and Documents across our bots.

Object Linking is a way to link other objects inside an object. An Object is either a Task or a Document.

Linking Objects

To link an object, you need to use the following syntax:

#[Object ID]

For example, if you want to link a Task with the ID 42, you need to use the following syntax:


This will add a link to the task with the ID 42 inside the Task Text or Document Content.

Example of linked object inside task text
Example message of the "task info" command with an linked task inside the task text.

View linked Object

Any linked Object is shown when using the "task info" command. A button will appear underneath the message.

Button for a linked object
The button that's shown when a linked object is detected.

When clicking on the button, the Bot will send a new message with the Object information.

Supported Objects

Currently, the following objects are supported:

  • Task
  • Document

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