Task Manager
Webhook Logging


Webhooks can be used to log events to a channel of your choice. This can be useful for keeping track of what is happening on your server.

Events triggering a log entry

  • Creating a task
  • Putting a task into the bin
  • Restoring a task from the bin
  • Deleting a task
  • A task is repeated
  • Task status changes
  • Assigning a user/role
  • Unassigning a user/role
  • Changing the deadline of a task
  • Commenting on a task
  • Deleting a comment on a task
  • Creating a project
  • Deleting a project
  • Renaming a project
  • Moving a project to the bin
  • Restoring a project from the bin
  • Granting a permission
  • Revoking a permission
  • Applying a permission preset

Log Levels

You can set the log level to one of the following:

  • Everything - Logs all events
  • Create & Delete - Logs creating, deleting events (task creation, project creation, task deletion, etc.) and permission changes
  • Permissions only - Logs only permission changes (granting, revoking, applying permission presets)

Setting the log level

You can set the log level by running the /settings log_level command and selecting the desired log level.

How to set up logging

Creating a webhook

Go to the server settings

Click on the server name in the top left corner of the screen and select Server Settings.

Go to the integrations tab

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar.

Create a webhook

Click on the Create Webhook button and fill in the name and channel you want to log to.

Copy the webhook URL

Copy the webhook URL and save it somewhere. You will need it later.

Set up logging

Run the /settings logging command and insert the copied url.

Testing logging

The bot sends a test message to the webhook, after the url was set.

Empty log messages

When the log messages appear empty, it is likely you have disabled the link preview for Discord. You can enable it by going to User Settings > Text & Images > Embeds & Link Previews.

Difference between logging and audit logs

Logging is a feature that logs events to a channel of your choice. Audit logs are a feature that logs events to a storage managed by bnder, which can not be modified or deleted by users.

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