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Getting started

Getting started with Knowledge Manager


You must have “Manage Server” permissions or be the owner of the server to add a bot to a Discord server.

Once you have clicked on the “Authorise” button, the bot will join your server, and you will be able to see its slash commands.

Getting a basic understanding


After adding the bot to your server, you can get a guided tour to set up some basic settings by running the following command:



We will go through some of the most common commands to get a basic understanding.

First, create a new document:

/document create

this will open a dialog where you can enter the title and content of your first document.

/document list

Now you can see your new created document here:

/document list

The document will appear in the “default” project.

To read a task use this command:

/document read
Your Document

Command Options

YesdocumentThe title of the document you want to read

If you have entered the title of your document correctly, you will see the content of your document.

All task commands can be found here.


You can use topics to categorize your documents. Now we will create our first topic called “website”:

/topic create

Command Options

YestopicThe name of the topic you want to create

We can check if the topic is created, by listing all topics:

/topic list

You topic should be listed now.

To move a document inside the topic, use this command:

/document topic
Your Document

Command Options

YesdocumentThe title of the document you want to move
YestopicThe name of the topic you want to move the document to

Now when we run “document list”, your document will be displayed inside the topic.


If your team is working on different things at the same time, projects come in handy. In short, a project is a container for your topics. Read more about projects here.

Your first document was already created in a project. This is the default project, and unless you create another, all documents and topics will be created in this project.

For a list of all project commands, click here.

I need help

Join our Discord server here to get help from the developers and moderators.
If you want to get a list all commands take a look at this page.

Next steps

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