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Getting started

Getting started with Task Manager

You must have "Manage Server" permissions or be the owner of the server to add a bot to a Discord server.

Once you have clicked on the "Authorise" button, the bot will join your server and you will be able to see its slash commands.

Getting a basic understanding

Basic commands

We will go through some of the most common commands to get a basic understanding.

First, create a task:

/task create
My first task

To then display tasks, use:

/task list

You will notice that there are no tasks displayed. This is because the task you created is not assigned to you.

So, to see all the tasks that have been created so far, we can run:

/task project

The task will now appear in the todo category.

To keep track of your progress, each task has a status of todo, in progress or done.
When you create a new task, the default status is todo.
To change the status of a task, we need the task ID, which can be found when creating or listing tasks.

The following command sets the status of the task with the ID 12345 from todo to in progress

/task inprogress

All task commands can be found here.

Assign tasks

You can distribute tasks by assigning them to other users or discord roles.
To assign the previously created task (My first task) to a user or role, you can use the task assign command:

/task assign

This command assigns the task with the ID 12345 to the user SomeUser.

It is also possible to assign a user (or role) to a task directly when creating it:

/task create
My second task

When a task is assigned to a user, the user will receive a DM notification from the bot.


If your team is working on different things at the same time, projects come in handy. In short, a project is an isolated place for tasks. Read more about projects here.

By the way, the task "My first task" was also created in a project. This is the default project, and unless you create another, all tasks will be created in this project.

If you want to keep track of which books you want to read and which you have already read, without being distracted by other tasks, you can create a project called books:

/project create

You can now select the project by clicking on the blue "Select project" button or using this command:

/project select

Tasks you create will now be placed in books until you select another project.

For a list of all project commands, click here.

Changing the language

You can change the language with:

/settings language

I need help

Join our Discord server here (opens in a new tab) to get help from the developers and moderators.
If you want to get a list all commands take a look at this page.

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