Project management

on Discord made easy.

Project management on Discord made easy.

Two people working on a task.

Task Management

Whether you're overseeing a personal project or coordinating a team, our Discord bot is designed to simplify your life.

A person standing next to a folder with documents inside of it.

Knowledge Management

To make sure your team's knowledge is not lost, our Knowledge Manager Bot provides you with a great tool to record your team's knowledge in a structured way.

A person standing in front of a calendar.

Calendar Management

Our Calendar Manager Bot is the perfect tool to manage your events and meetings via Discord. It can handle all your events and meetings and is capable of handling all kinds of events.

A person standing in front of data stored in the cloud.


Our Bots are designed to work together. The Task Manager Bot and the Knowledge Manager Bot are the perfect combination to manage your projects via Discord and even the Calendar Manager shows your task deadlines in it's calendar view.

Fast & secure

You should not mind about the speed and security of your processes. We are here to make your project management workflows as easy as possible while securing your data.

High availability

We are always there for you. We use the best cloud providers to make sure our services are always available.


To make your life easier we developed an app, which puts all your bnder services into one place.

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