Task Manager - Discord Bot

The only task management tool

you'll ever need.

The only task management tool you'll ever need.

Two people working on a board with multiple tasks in different columns.

Detailed Task Status

Streamline your workflow with Task Manager's intuitive task categorization into "ToDo," "In Progress," and "Done." Stay organized, and easily track your progress for improved productivity.

A person next to multiple different lists of tasks.

Multiple Projects

Effortlessly manage multiple projects within your Discord server using Task Manager. Organize, track, and prioritize tasks across various projects, making it the perfect solution for multitasking.

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Easy to Use

Elevate team productivity with Task Manager. Eliminate confusion, streamline task management, and reduce missed deadlines. Achieve your project goals more efficiently and effectively.

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Cloud Storage

Rest assured that your task data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring uninterrupted access from anywhere. Enjoy peace of mind with data safety and easy retrieval.


FeatureToDo List BotTaskBotTask Manager
Uses Slash Commands
Max Tasks5N/A500
Task StatesNot done, DoneNot done, DoneToDo, In Progress, Done
Assign Users to Tasks
Assign Roles to Tasks
Deadlines on tasks
Multiple Lists/Projects
Custom permission system
Can log in Discord
Doesn't timeout many commands
Required PermissionsAdministrator92
Doesn't require administrator permissions
Doesn't read all messages


The bot provides it's own permission system to allow or deny access to certain commands. This allows you to restrict the use of the bot to certain users or groups of users.

Great uptime

The bot infrastructure is designed to be highly available. We aim for a yearly uptime of 99.99% or more. This means that the bot is almost always available and you can rely on it.

Great support

Have questions or need assistance? We are always there to address your concerns and provide expert guidance. Your success is our priority.

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