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Empower Your School's Efficiency

and Collaboration with Task Manager Bot.

Empower Your School's Efficiency and Collaboration with Task Manager Bot.

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Streamlined Task Management

Task Manager simplifies the complex world of school task management. With categorization into "ToDo," "In Progress," and "Done," teachers and students can effortlessly organize and track assignments and projects.

User and Role Assignment

Effortlessly delegate tasks to teachers, students, or specific roles. Enhance collaboration by ensuring everyone in the school community knows their responsibilities.

Project-Based Learning

Foster project-based learning with ease. Task Manager allows teachers to create and manage tasks across various projects, promoting a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Clear Progress Tracking

Monitor student and teacher progress in real-time. Task Manager's clear tracking system ensures that educators can easily identify completed tasks and works in progress.

Secure Cloud Storage

Rest easy with secure cloud storage. All school task data is safely stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility and preventing the loss of valuable educational information.

Deadline Management

Task Manager eliminates missed deadlines. Set clear deadlines for assignments and projects, helping students and teachers stay on track and meet educational goals.

Support for Remote Learning

Task Manager facilitates remote learning. Whether in the classroom or from home, students and teachers can collaborate on tasks and assignments, ensuring a continuous learning experience.

Personal Projects

Students can create personal projects, where they can manage their own tasks. This allows students to stay organized and on top of their work, while also giving teachers the ability to monitor their progress.

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