Knowledge Manager


Documents are the main object type in the Knowledge Manager Bot. They contain a title and a content.


Documents are structured inside of topics, but it is not necessary to place a document in a topic. They can also live outside of topics. Each topic is placed inside of a project.

This creates the following tree structure:

Project 1
    └── Topic 1
        └── Document 1
        └── Document 2
        └── Document 3
    └── Topic 2
        └── Document 4
        └── Document 5
        └── Document 6
Project 2
    └── Topic 3
        └── Document 7
        └── Document 8
        └── Document 9

Markdown formatting

Every Document content has multiple options for formatting. The formatting standard is Markdown (opens in a new tab), but not every feature is support.


You can structure your document by having 3 level of headings. Each Heading level is represented by a # at the beginning of the line.

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3


You can make text bold by surrounding it with **.

**Bold text**


You can make text italic by surrounding it with *.

*Italic text*

Bold and Italic

You can make text bold and italic by surrounding it with ***.

***Bold and italic text***


You can add links to your document by surrounding the text you want to link with [ and ] and the link with ( and ).

[Link text](
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