Update on 02/21/2024

New feature: Subtasks

Task Manager

  • New Feature: Subtasks
  • New command: “/task subtasks” can be used to add, remove, complete or uncomplete subtasks
  • Learn more: https://bnder.net/help/task/tasks#subtasks
  • “/task info” now has pages, which allows to see more information
  • The autocompletion on “task_id” options now show a snippet of the task text
  • Logging message when deleting a task shows all task information
  • Fix: “/permission list” would not show the correct permission for roles


  • Added support for Subtasks
  • Improved initial loading speed
  • Task text field is automatically focused when creating a new task
  • Fix: Logging message would show wrong data when task status was changed via the app on mobile
  • Fix: In some cases users were not able to view data on their servers


  • We made significant speed improvements to our website
  • Fix: The page no longer contains dark elements when going from the help page back to the landingpage

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