Update on 02/28/2024

Bug fix update

Task Manager

  • The message after creating a task gives hints to the “task info” command to make the usage easier for beginners
  • When assigning a role to a task the response will inform the user about role tasks not being shown in “task list” command
  • Fix: The color of the logging message when a task was created is now blue


  • Links to legal resources are placed inside of the user settings
  • Added a new option to opt-out from sharing errors with us (server wide)
  • When creating a project the project manager can be configured
  • Fix: Everytime a task was updated the repeat interval was sent, even when it wasn’t changed
  • Fix: In some cases the “Select in Discord” action on a project would not work
  • Fix: Selected project would not show correctly
  • Fix: Hidden guilds where the user is no longer a member where not removed from the hidden menu
  • Fix: On mobile when scrolling in the task list and switching the column the scroll progress would reset
  • Fix: Projects can be set to personal/public after they were created
  • Fix: On mobile the „View_Tasks“ permission was not respected


  • Improved documentation for the usage of tasks in the rest api

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