Update on 02/09/2024

Update for all services

Task Manager

  • Command “/settings logging_webhook” is renamed to “/settings logging”
  • When a task or project gets deleted, no public message will be sent to make this action public. Use the logging feature instead
  • The text of a deleted task is now shown in the logging message
  • Commands “/task undo” & “/task proceed” were removed and replaced by “/task todo” & “/task inprogress”
  • Introducing private responses
  • Commands “/task list” & “/task project” have a new “show” option. When this is set to “true”, the bots response will be shown to everyone. Otherwise its only visible to the executing user
  • Command “/settings private_responses” can be used to disable private responses
  • Introducing auto priority
  • The bot can now determine the priority of a task via its text
  • This feature is disabled by default
  • “/settings auto_priority” can be used to enable it
  • Users own language
  • Using „/preferences language“
  • The bot will prefer the users set language, if not disabled
  • Admins can disable this via „/settings user_languages“
  • Project managers
  • “/project manager” allows users to see the current project manager
  • “/project manager” with the manager option sets the project manager
  • A new default assignee option via “/settings default_assignee” allows the project manager to be set as this
  • Fix: When users were inactive for more than 30 days, their settings would be resetted
  • Fix: When the last task in a “task project” or “task list” message was deleted and the “next page” were requested, the bot were not able to fulfil the request
  • Fix: In some cases, additional data in the default project would not be shown
  • Fix: The “task assigned” notification was different when a task was assigned via the bot or via the app
  • Fix: Logging messages are now send when the system automatically adds a label, priority or assignee
  • Fix: When assigning a role to a task, all role members will receive a notification


  • API-Keys can be generated & managed by users
  • The guilds date format can be configured
  • Users with “MANAGE_SETTINGS” permission can now change other users selected project
  • Private responses can be configured
  • AI-Features are now marked as these
  • Auto Priority can be enabled/disabled
  • User languages can be disabled server-wide
  • Admins can change other users preferred language
  • App will use less bandwidth and loads faster
  • “Rename project” dialog was changed to “Edit dialog”, because the project manager can be configured too
  • Can change the default assignee in settings
  • Fix: Changing the bots language no longer takes up to 30 minutes to take effect
  • Fix: The confirmation dialog when deleting a project would not close automatically
  • Fix: A guilds timezone could not be changed
  • Fix: The changed name, while renaming a project would not get applied
  • Fix: A crash would occur when renaming a project
  • Fix: History of Tasks with the status changed were not shown
  • Fix: Guild settings dialog would not use its space correctly
  • Fix: When creating a task the priority box did not had any value

Knowledge Manager

  • Fix: Commands with no effect to the bot are no longer visible


We’ve created a new API, available to all users. Learn more at https://bnder.net/rest (opens in a new tab)

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