Migrating boards to projects

Migrating boards to projects

What is changing?

Starting today, we are starting the migration away from boards and towards projects. The functionality stays the same, the name changes. Boards are now projects.

How does using the bot change?

Every "board" command is now available as a "project" command, while the "board" commands remain available for the time being. We will monitor the usage of the "board" commands and eventually disable the command so that the functionality can only be accessed via the "project" command.

So "project create" will be used instead of "board create", "board list" will be replaced by "project list", etc.

We have also reworked some of the bot's output to improve usability.

Why did we make this change?

We decided to better explain the functionality of the commands and the feature, thus simplifying the user experience. Especially new users should find it easier to use the old "boards".

We hope you like the changes.

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