Introducing object linking

Introducing: Object Linking.

What is Object Linking?

Object linking allows you to reference other tasks and easily retrieve information about those tasks. If other objects are added later, you will be able to mention and reference them as well.

How do you link objects?

Items can be easily linked in text form with a hashtag in front of the item id. For example, if you have a task with id 32, you would link it with "#32". 

Example of a linked object in task info

In this example, task "19336" is linked to task "03606" by including "#03606" in the task text.

Viewing linked objects

When a linked object is detected in a task, a button is added to the message. Pressing the button displays information about the object. Up to 20 buttons can be displayed in a message.

Button for a linked object
The button that's shown when a linked object is detected.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. For feedback, we are available on our Discord.

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