Changing the way task ids are generated

Changing the way task ids are generated

On Sunday 07/16/2023 we released an update for the Task Manager Bot that changed the way task ids were generated.

How it was before

Previously, task ids were always generated from the numbers 0 to 9 by concatenating 5 random numbers. This way of generation arose from a technical limitation and was the default since the beginning of Task Manager Bots 2019.

Image of old task id
Old task ids shown by the "task project" command.

Newer infrastructure and future plans allow us to fundamentally revise the generation of task ids.

How it is from now on.

The ids for new tasks will now be generated incrementally. So the first task created after the changeover will get id 1, the second task will get id 2 and so on.

Image of new task id
New task ids shown by the "task project" command.

Ids will not be assigned twice. If the last created task (e.g. with id 5) is deleted, the next task will get a new id (in this case 6).

A collision with existing tasks from the old generation is not possible, because for five-digit ids we check if the same id already exists from a task from the time before the update.


Basically, this results in the following advantages for users:

  1. the new ids no longer require 5 characters, which means that entries can be significantly shorter.
  2. users get an overview of the number of tasks they have created.
  3. task ids are no longer historically duplicated. If a task was deleted, the id could be reassigned in the old system. This is no longer possible. Each task now has a unique id, even if tasks are deleted.
  4. task ids can no longer have preceding zeros, which should make it more logical to use, especially for new users.

We hope you like the changes. If you have any questions, please contact us at our discord.

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