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We implemented a custom permission system that allows users to grant others access to single commands.


Users with Discords administrator permission and server owners are ignored by the permission system. They always have the right to execute every command.

How does it work?

The Bot first checks if the user is the owner of the server or if he has a role with Discords Administrator permission. If that isn't the case it checks what permissions were granted to the user directly and to his roles. If any role of his has permission, he will be able to execute the command which requires that permission.


User has role A and role B. Role A was granted the permission CREATE_TASK and CREATE_GROUP. Role B was granted only the permission ADD_MEMBERS and no other. Because the user has both roles, he is able to create tasks, groups and add members to groups.

Grant permissions

Permissions can be granted by executing the permission add command. After a permission was added, the bot applies the changes immediately and the user can perform the command which requires the permission.

Revoke permissions

Permissions can be revoked by executing the permission remove command.


Removing permission from a group or a user doesn't mean that the user(s) can't execute a command requiring that permission. If the user(s) has/have another role who has the permission granted, that overwrites it, and users(s) will be able to perform the command.

All permissions

PermissionUse case
CREATE_TASKIs required to create a new task.
DELETE_TASKIs required to delete a task.
EDIT_TASKIs required to edit the text of a task.
CREATE_GROUPIs required to create a new group.
DELETE_GROUPIs required to delete a group.
ADD_MEMBERSIs required to add a member to a group.
REMOVE_MEMBERSIs required to remove a member from a group.
ADD_PERMISSIONIs required to grant users or roles permissions.
REMOVE_PERMISSIONIs required to revoke permissions from roles or users.
SHOW_PERMISSIONSIs required to list all permissions of a role or user
CREATE_BOARDIs required to create a new board
DELETE_BOARDIs required to delete a board
DEFINE_NOTIFY_CHANNELIs required to set a text channel via "settings notifychannel" command