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Boards were introduced to Task Manager on 02/15/2021. They are a simple way to organize tasks when having multiple projects.

The concept

You can imagine a Board like a container. If you have a board selected, all tasks will be placed into that container. You can access all tasks inside the enabled board, but you can't see and access tasks from other containers. That means that you can create a board and switch to it. If you create a task now, it will be created in that board. If you execute task list you will see only tasks created in that board. If you switch the board to any other board, the task you just created won't be visible in task list because it was created in another board.

visual explanation of tasks & boards

Board commands

All board commands can be seen here.

Default board

The default board is called "default". It can't be deleted, but you can switch to it. It is active by default for everybody.