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The bnder Discord Server has specific channels.

We have a section for messaging in german and messaging in English. German channels start with "de" and English channels start with "en".

Support channels

Bot support

If you need help with one of our bots, you can contact us in the "bot-support" channels.

General support

General support will be done in the channels with "other-support" in the name.

Suggestion channel

If you have an idea or a feature request, just type it out in "suggestions" and we will look into it.

News channel

We provide news-channel in german ("de-news") and English ("en-news"). You can follow these channels and get notified on your server when we will publish updates.

General chat

If you just want to chat with others use the "chat" channels.

Testing bot commands

You can test bot commands in our "commands" channels.